Created in 1992 by Martine Vaccarezza, Mado Petit, Thérèse Mencaraglia and Philippe Ballério, under the Honorary Presidency of H.S.H. Princess Stéphanie, the Association Ecoute Cancer Réconfort has set itself the following goal :

"To provide help and comfort to individuals who have suffered or are suffering from cancer, using the most adapted and appropriate measures."

We strive to achieve this goal by:

  • Listening to patients staying at the day hospital of the Princess Grace Hospital, via a team of support volunteers,
  • A warm and friendly community life:

Since 2009 the association opened a community centre "l'Espace Mieux-Etre" dedicated to the well-being of cancer sufferers- a warm and welcoming environment where they can meet others, receive support and enjoy various activities, enabling them to regain energy, cope with the disease and escape from isolation. The centre does not provide medical care but is a place where visitors can meet others, share experiences and enjoy a chat. The centre provides socio-aesthetic services, nutritional advice, a relaxation area, social support...

- Outings to the countryside to enjoy a walk and to unwind,

- Guided coach tours followed by lunch and an afternoon of dancing before returning to Monaco.

  • periodic activities to help combat cancer,
  • information sessions geared towards the general public.
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